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Condran Piano Service

Condran Piano Service offers superior piano maintenance and piano repair to Bow, WA and all of Northwest Washington. Business owner Mark Condran is a highly qualified piano technician providing professional work at the highest standard, in a friendly and personal manner. From routine piano tuning to full piano rebuilding, Mark’s passion for the art of piano is always present.

Learn More About Condran Piano Service:

  • Piano Tuning – Aural piano tuning, computerized electronic tuning, pitch raises, proper seating of strings to eliminate false beats, tightening of pinblock bolts and screws to maintain tuning stability, and piano humidity control system installation
  • Piano Repair – Piano action regulation, hammer shaping and voicing, tone regulating, piano key top cleaning and buffing, ivory key replacement, broken piano string replacement, action part replacement, piano noise elimination, damper regulation, pedal system regulation, piano finish touch ups, piano appraisals, piano cleaning, piano key repair, repairing loose screw holes and removing broken screws, rebushing action centers and key tops, replacement of piano felts, soundboard shimming, and touchweight modifications
  • Piano Rebuilding – Hammer installation, key top replacement, tuning pin installation, piano restringing, bridle strap replacement, hammer butt installation, whippen installation, complete piano action overhaul, piano refinishing, pinblock drilling, seating, and installation, fitting of the cast iron plate and bridges, evaluation and maintenance of soundboard crown and string downbearing, installation of bridge caps and duplicate bridges, bridge notching and pinning, and stringing scale analysis

Mark has been playing piano since 1979 and has developed a fascination for the instrument since then. He has been an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild for 14 years, and is a 1996 honors graduate of the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology. He will happily travel to the counties of Island, San Juan, Snohomish, Skagit, and Whatcom for piano service.

Contact Condran Piano Service today at 360-766-4284, or browse the website for more information about our piano services. If you have questions about your piano, check our piano FAQs for help.

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